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Taking Care of Your Vehicle’s Transmission

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Taking care of your car if your important. Just like taking care of your body, preventative maintenance  is important!. You might be trying to eat healthier to lower your blood pleasure or exercise to make your muscles stronger.  Your car is the same way, a little care and preventative maintenance can go a long way and save you in the future.

Check Your Transmission Fluid Levels

The transmission fluid maintains many important functions of the transmission: it provides cooling, keeps the transmission lubricated, and aids in operating the clutch system. It is vital to make sure that your fluid level is okay. Check the fluid levels every so often and keep and eye out for leaks or if the liquid is darkish in color or burnt smelling.

Don’t Ignore Potential Transmission Problems

Transmission problems often start out with small signs and then evolve into greater problems the longer they go without help. Take care of the problem as soon as you notice it to prevent greater damage. This will save you not only money, but also time and stress in the long run.

Have your transmission serviced as needed.

Check the factory recommendations for your car to decide how often would be best to get your transmission serviced. Our staff at Barrett Transmission can help to answer an questions you might have in regards to when to schedule a service.

Do you have concerns about your vehicle’s transmission? We’re here to help! Barrett Transmission provides transmission and drive train maintenance and repair for Bellingham and Whatcom County call us today at 360.733.7136.

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