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Transfer Cases

Transfer Case Repair and Rebuilds

Four wheel drive systems operate with the help of a transfer case. The purpose of the transfer case is to help the vehicle apply the correct amount of torque required by the driver. In 4WD and all wheel drive vehicles, the transfer case uses gears (and often a chain if the vehicle is a modern make or model) to help the vehicle enter into or maintain four wheel drive. All transfer cases also use a fluid to keep the gears operating correctly. Depending on the vehicle, recommended transfer case inspection intervals will vary. As such, drivers should look to their owner’s manuals and vehicle manufacturers for recommendations or consult the our trained staff at Barrett Transmission.

Why Should You Have Transfer Case Repair Services Performed at Barrett Transmission?

If you are experiencing problems with your transfer case, bring your vehicle to Barrett Transmission Specialists right away. Are you experiencing grinding noises, fluid leaks, or binding and chattering when turning?  Our staff has the right tools to inspect your transfer case, and we will work hard to repair or replace your transfer case so your 4WD vehicle performs optimally.

Barrett Transmission Specialties is here to help you with all your transfer case repair and rebuild needs.

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