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Make Sure Your Transmission Doesn’t Overheat This Holiday Weekend!

Barrett TrailerAre you headed out for one final camping trip of the season?¬† Towing large trailers or hauling big loads add strain to your vehicle’s transmission sometimes leading¬† to overheating. Newer cars have temperature sensors on the transmission and either have a gauge or a warning light that will come on to tell you that your transmission is getting hot.

On older cars and trucks, there may not be a gauge or trouble light. In this case, you can check your transmission fluid to see if it is running hot. The transmission fluid may smell burnt and change to a brown color, indicating that excess temperatures have been reached.

A temperature gun is the best way to check for transmission overheating, as you can check the temperature going into and coming out of the radiator, and make sure the transmission fluid is cooling down as it goes through the radiator/cooler.

It is always a good idea to check your fluid before going on a trip. If you are not sure how or have a transmission without a dipstick, stop by or give Barrett Transmission a call today at (360) 733-7136.

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