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Is Your Transmission Giving You Signs?

Barrett ShiftingYour vehicle will usually give you warning signs to tell you when the transmission is starting to fail, and the sooner you bring the vehicle in for repairs and maintenance, the greater your chances will be of avoiding of a full rebuild. The key is to not ignore the symptoms when they occur.

One common sign your transmission is failing is problems with shifting gears.


Since your vehicle’s gears are an integral part of the transmission, irregularities with shifting gears are an almost certain sign your transmission is in trouble. Symptoms may include any of the following:


  •     Hesitation when putting the car into gear

  •     Falling out of gear while driving

  •     Shifting gears for no apparent reason

  •     Jerking when shifting gears

If you are noticing your transmission is giving you signs don’t wait, call Barrett Transmission today at (360) 733-7136 today!

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