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Question MarkMy car no longer moves! What should I do?
First thing is to get your vehicle off the road to a safe location. Then give us a call. We can get your vehicle towed in from anywhere in Whatcom County. We have aggressive towing rates from Bellingham and Ferndale and will even cover the cost of towing on major repairs. We do work with insurance companies if you have towing coverage. Just give us a call to set it up. 360.733.7136

Why should I service my transmission?
Servicing your transmission is vital to the life of the transmission. Transmission fluid is vehicle specific because every type of transmission fluid has a different friction modifier. If the recommended transmission fluid is not installed, it could have severe consequences to the life of the transmission. As transmission fluid wears and breaks down, it loses the ability to lubricate properly and can cause excessive wear inside the transmission.

My check engine/transmission light is on, should I be worried?
It depends. Often time your check engine light is a sign that something is wrong. Sometimes it is a simple problem like a loose fuel cap or more complicated, such as a major transmission operating issue. Come on in and we will help find out what your check engine light is telling you.

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