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Do You Know What This Warning Light Means?

Transmission Light

Modern vehicle’s dash panels can be confusing, especially when there’s no explanation of the warning indicator lights that might pop up.


If the above light comes on, it’s important to know what it means.

Automatic transmissions are full of sensors monitoring things like fluid temperature, fluid level, pressure inside the transmission.If the computer detects anything abnormal in your transmission, a code will be stored and the automatic transmission indicator light will turn on to alert you of a possible issue. A  malfunctioning sensor can  also give false readings causing the light to come on. One of the most common issues that causes this indicator light to illuminate is that the transmission fluid temperature is higher than normal.

What to do when the automatic transmission light is on:

If this light comes on, it should be checked out as soon as possible. Barret Transmission has state of the art diagnostic tools to read the codes on you vehicle’s computer that triggered the light to come on.

Is it safe to drive with the automatic transmission light on?

Barrett Transmission advises that you should have the it checked out as soon as possible before any excessive damage occurs. Driving with this indicator light on for long periods of time is likely to cause a lot of wear to the transmission and reducing its lifespan significantly.

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