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North Cascade Highway is Closed for the Season Starting 11/10

34963888 - empty snow covered road

Well folks, the snow is officially here to stay in the North Cascades Hwy. The North Cascades pass along Hwy 20  is closing for the season this Friday, November 10th at 4pm — but visitors can still enjoy Winter in the communities along the byway. Be prepared for winter driving conditions, and check road conditions with the State Department of Transportation, … Continue reading

Fall Car Care Tips

Although summer weather held on a bit longer than normal, the cooler Fall weather is officially here.  The darker and more damp conditions require you to be a bit extra cautious when out on the roads. Below you will find some great tips courtesy of Barret Transmission to help make sure that you and your vehicle are ready for fall … Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July!

  Did you know that the first week in July is the most popular time for road trips? Make sure you are prepared for the traffic before you go. Enjoy your celebrations!

Get Ready for Summer At Barrett Transmission!

Is your truck ready to tow your camping trailer this summer? Summer is officially here!! Stop into Barrett transmission to make sure you vehicles’ transmission is ready to handle the towing today. Give us a call today at (360) 733-7136 to schedule your appointment! We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.  

Stay Local with Barrett Transmission

At Barrett Transmission understand that Bellingham is a community focused town. Therefore,  keeping jobs in Bellingham and Whatcom County is a priority at Barrett Transmission. We are proud to be an in-house rebuild facility offering transmission and  transfer case rebuilds directly at our shop. If you would like to learn more about Barrett Tranmission and the services we offers, call … Continue reading

Do You Know What This Warning Light Means?

Modern vehicle’s dash panels can be confusing, especially when there’s no explanation of the warning indicator lights that might pop up.   If the above light comes on, it’s important to know what it means. Automatic transmissions are full of sensors monitoring things like fluid temperature, fluid level, pressure inside the transmission.If the computer detects anything abnormal in your transmission, … Continue reading

Taking Care of Your Vehicle’s Transmission

Taking care of your car if your important. Just like taking care of your body, preventative maintenance  is important!. You might be trying to eat healthier to lower your blood pleasure or exercise to make your muscles stronger.  Your car is the same way, a little care and preventative maintenance can go a long way and save you in the … Continue reading

Do You Drive a Stick Shift? It May Help in Winter Driving!

Do you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission?   While some think driving a stick shift may sound difficult, many seasoned manual drivers say driving a stick shirt makes it easier to navigate through difficult winter driving conditions.  Shifting manually can help in winter driving because of the added control the manual shifting provides. With the possibility of snow in … Continue reading

Clutch Care Tips

The way you drive your vehicle makes a difference in the length of your clutch’s life. Driver error when using your clutch can wreak havoc on your vehicle. It’s important to avoid the following to maintain the life of your vehicle’s clutch: Towing loads too heavy for your vehicle Revving the engine excessively when starting out. Resting your foot on … Continue reading

Proud Sponsor of Flag Football

Flag football

Barrett Transmission has the pleasure of sponsoring a Mt. Baker Youth Flag Football team this year. It was a fantastic season and we are so proud of those kiddos!

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